About Yellow Petal

Yellow Petal creates cheery, original greeting cards to bring a smile on the outside and warm feeling on the inside. All our cards are designed by us in our studio in Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire and printed in the UK.

Yellow Petal‘s founders are Jana and Jo.

After getting to know each other at the gates of their children’s village school in rural Buckinghamshire, Jo, a designer and illustrator, created a few greeting cards to sell in Jana's new coffee shop, and they soon realised they pretty much always liked the same thing.

"More than just original designs: we both love similar styling, paper, texture, colours and the words; and we really enjoy the feeling of connection that cards can give. Jo even likes the way the print smells and Jana will only entertain a small A7 card but we’ll agree to differ, for now!

Our shared enjoyment for the creative side of life and a love of browsing - and buying - fine greetings cards and fancy stationery, was the spark we needed to start Yellow Petal.

Part of the fun of doing this together is that we get to brainstorm ideas when we meet every Monday, plus we share the highs, lows and spread the load of running a business between us. 

We really want our products to uplift people whilst not damaging the planet so seek to use the most sustainable materials, processes and packaging as possible. 

Everything is 100% designed by us and made in the UK. All our cards are printed on sustainably sourced FSC certified card stock and our packaging is compostable or recyclable. We try hard to be respectful of resources in developing our products because it feels right to do so. We've written more about our approach to sustainability for you to read. 

Our original designs are inclusive and timeless, and not throwaway: we like to encourage those lucky enough to receive a Yellow Petal card to recycle it or reuse to extend the enjoyment!"

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